Healthy Late Night Snacks:  28 Ideas to Limit Your Cravings

We’ve all been there: you’ve done your bedtime ritual, begun to wind down, and got into bed, only for your stomach to grumble unmercifully. There are a lot of healthy late night snacks to munch on!

We’re often confronted with the challenge of deciding whether it’s worth waking up to eat, and if so, what nutritious healthy late night snacks are available to fulfill those appetites while still allowing us to sleep.

You might wonder, what is a healthy late night snack? We’ve assembled 28 science-backed and nutritious healthy late night snacks ideas to help you listen to your body’s demands while also providing it with the nutrition it needs to feel good. Besides if you want more interesting facts and tips about food, we’ve got it covered for you.

Healthy Late Night Snacks: Savory

For savory snack fans, there are a plethora of healthful alternatives. With these delectable, light late night snacks, and satisfying late-night snack ideas, you can get creative in the kitchen.

1. Popcorn


Is popcorn a nice late-night snack when you’re settling down before bed with a bag of popcorn and a show? Making popcorn from home is a pleasant, light late night snacks, and satisfying method to satisfy evening cravings whereas pre-packaged popcorn may frequently include a lot of salt and dangerous chemicals like per fluorinated compounds (PFCs). This is just the beginning of one of the healthy late night snacks ideas.

2. Hummus


This chickpea-based Mediterranean staple will keep you satiated for hours. It’s the perfect late-night snack since it’s filled with protein and healthy fats. Use it to spread over pita bread or as a dip for pretzels or vegetables.

3. Greek Yogurt 

Greek yogurt

Another one of the healthy late snack, before bed, eat some Greek yogurt to get all the protein you need to be content all night. It’s also high in probiotics, which help your gut stay healthy.

Yogurt eating has also been connected to the alleviation of sleeplessness. Just keep in mind that flavored kinds with many grams of added sugar have a lower nutritional value and may make it more difficult to fall asleep. Instead, use honey, brown sugar, or agave nectar.

4. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is an underappreciated source of protein and minerals. It’s a great basis for other delightful and healthful dishes, much like yogurt.

To make it a pleasant, satisfying night snack, add walnuts, sliced apples, and maybe a drop of honey. However, choosing a low sodium kind can help you avoid consuming too much salt, which may raise your blood pressure.

5. Fish


Fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, includes a great mix of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which are essential for serotonin generation. This regulating hormone not only improves sleep quality, but also helps the brain work normally.

6. Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

Although avocado toast is a simple snack, it has garnered a cult following for a reason. Avocados aren’t only popular among millennials because they’re delicious; they’re also high in magnesium, which might help you sleep better. It’s a terrific method to lift your spirits and relax your body before retiring for the night. Therefore one of the greatest healthy late night snacks. It can be added as one of your good eating habits.

7. Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

While bell peppers have a strong taste on their own, they are also one of the most adaptable peppers available. If you’re searching for a vitamin-rich, sweet-yet-savory nighttime snack, bell peppers may be the snack for you. Dip them in ranch or hummus, or fill them with grains or cheese.

8. Oatmeal 


Oatmeal, like yogurt and cottage cheese, is an excellent blank canvas for a variety of taste and nutritional additions. For a substantial and healthful late-night snack, mix fruits, nuts, and a pinch of brown sugar into a cup of plain oatmeal.

Oatmeal, according to Johns Hopkins, has complex carbs that cause serotonin to be released, therefore it’s a good idea to eat it before bed.

9. Tofu


Tofu is a soy-based protein that’s popular among vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters alike. While additional study is needed, studies have shown that soy has a good link with the alleviation of sleep disturbances.

Make a stir fry with vegetables and tofu a couple of hours before bed for a nutritious, filling late night snack ideas healthy, and sleep-inducing supper.

10. Veggie Chips (homemade)

Veggie Chips

We advocate preparing your own homemade vegetable chips since pre-packaged veggie chips are frequently just as harmful as potato chips. For a crisp and healthy snack that is low in calories, bake or air-fried sliced sweet potatoes, zucchini, or beets.

11. Rice Cakes 

Rice Cakes

Now a tasty healthy late night snack food- Rice cakes are the way to go if you’re searching for a light late night snacks, airy crunch to satisfy your midnight appetites. Nut butter, avocado, cheese, or fruit may all be used to add taste and nutrition – the possibilities are unlimited!

Rice cakes are especially good for when you’re in the mood to nibble rather than eat since they deliver a pleasant crunch with just a few basic ingredients.

12. Celery


 If you’re trying to stay away from additional calories before night but still need to eat something, celery is a good healthy late snack choice since its high in vitamins and minerals and has a low glycemic index. To add even more protein, spread it with peanut or almond butter.

A great snack for kids and adults alike is celery with peanut butter and raisins, sometimes known as ants on a log.

13. Eggs


Eggs may be made in a number of ways, but one thing is certain: they’re just as nutritious as they are satisfying, regardless of how they’re prepared. Before going to bed, boil or scramble an egg to get the tryptophan you need to make melatonin.

Melatonin is the hormone that governs sleep, thus one of our favorite sleep hacks is to consume melatonin-rich foods.

14. Pistachios 


Pistachios are one of the most popular nuts in the world for a reason. They are one of the most melatonin-rich nuts, as well as a delectable, protein-rich delicacy that has been turned into an equally popular ice cream flavor.

15. Almonds 


Almonds are a nutrient-dense nut that offer your body with good fats, protein, and magnesium. Consider roasting them in the oven for a warm, flavorful snack.

It’s best to avoid flavored or salted almonds while nibbling on them since they might degrade the nutritional content. Because of elevated blood pressure and dehydration, high salt diets have been linked to poor sleep. Nuts keep you full and is one of the healthy late night snacks ideas.

17. Walnuts 


Walnuts, like almonds and pistachios, are high in melatonin, which helps regulate your circadian cycle. They also include minerals that aid in the creation of serotonin, an important sleep and mood enhancer. To add extra taste and nutritional value to your late-night snack, mix walnuts into a nutrient-rich foundation, such as yogurt or oats.

17. Nut Butters 

Nut Butter

Spread nut butter over toast, apples, or rice cakes if you want the protein and benefits that nuts give but want a smoother texture snack. To sweeten this protein-rich nighttime treat, sprinkle it with honey, whether it’s peanut, almond, or cashew butter.

Healthy Late Night Snacks: Sweet

What are healthy easy late night snacks? You can wonder if it is tasty or not. Who said delicious and healthy late snacks couldn’t mix? The truth is, there are a plethora of methods to satisfy your nighttime sweet desire without spiking your blood sugar levels.

18. Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

While our midnight sweet craving may tempt us to go for the chocolate, it’s best to stick to dark chocolates that are high in antioxidants and low in sugar.

“I will warm up some unsweetened almond milk and add in 1 tbsp of cacao powder, a touch of maple syrup, and a sprinkle of cinnamon as a healthy late snacks alternative to hot chocolate,” says Dr. Brooke Scheller, DCN, CNS, director of nutrition at Freshly. If cacao powder doesn’t satisfy your chocolate need, Dr. Scheller advises dark chocolate that has at least 70% cacao.

19. Pineapple 


Wondering what are some healthy late night snacks? Pineapple is not only a tasty tropical treat, but it also contains the hormone melatonin, which aids in restful sleep. Pineapples were shown to enhance melatonin levels by over 266 percent in one research. To make your own pinna colada bowl, sprinkle some coconut shavings on top. Opt for this fruit to ensure your intake one of the healthy late night snacks.

20. Kiwi


Kiwi is as excellent for your taste buds as it is for your sleep. Adults who ate two kiwis an hour before night fell asleep 45 percent sooner and remained slept 45 percent longer than those who did not. Add it to a bright fruit salad or eat it by the spoonful!

21. Watermelon


Dehydration is a common cause of hunger that is misinterpreted. Consider making watermelon your go-to night snack if you’re having trouble drinking the necessary 2.7–3.7 liters of water per day. It’s not only high in water, but it’s also high in sleep-promoting minerals and antioxidants like choline and lycopene. A good option if you’re thinking about what are some healthy late night snacks.

22. Apples 


It’s been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but should you eat an apple for a late-night snack? Yes, according to research.

Apples are packed in antioxidants and other nutrients, and despite their low-calorie content, they are quite satisfying. You’ll feel pleased but not burdened down when you head to bed.

23. Tart Cherries 

Tart Cherries

If you’ve ever seen tart cherries at the grocery store, you’ve definitely wondered what they’re good for. As it turns out, studies suggest that eating sour cherries and tart cherry juice on a daily basis may help with insomnia, resulting in an extra 90 minutes of sleep every night.

24. Bananas 


You’ve certainly heard that bananas are high in potassium, but what does it imply in terms of your health? Potassium has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure and calm the body, making it easier to go asleep after feeding your midnight desires. Put them on top of almond butter toast, in yogurt, or in oatmeal for a full and healthy late-night snack.

Dr. Scheller suggests combining frozen bananas with a scoop of protein powder and a spoonful of cacao powder for an ice cream substitute that will satisfy your sweet appetite while also providing protein to help regulate blood sugar.

25. Grapes 


Grapes are a great late-night snack if you’re desiring something sweet but don’t want to disturb your sleep. Although they are heavy in sugar, they are a good healthy late night snacks and natural source of melatonin, so eating them in moderation will not only satisfy your appetite, but will also help you sleep better. For a nutritious alternative to a Popsicle on hot summer nights, freeze them.

26. Smoothies 


Raw superfoods aren’t always simple to consume. Rather than eating a bowl of kale and spinach, make a smoothie with it and your favorite nutrient-dense fruits, veggies, and yogurt. Smoothies are a tasty and healthful late-night snack that may be made in a variety of ways.

27. Cereal


 Is it okay to eat cereal for dinner? Please, yes! You may get the advantages of the carbs that will help you sleep better by choosing a low-sugar cereal and low-fat milk. To reduce saturated fats and enhance vitamins, try switching to oat milk instead of ordinary milk.

28. Tea


While categorizing tea as a “snack” may seem weird, it may be a nourishing, hydrating, and sleep-inducing beverage that fulfills late-night appetites. Chamomile tea includes apigenin, an antioxidant that aids in the induction of sleep. Add a splash of low-fat milk and a pinch of honey to make it more filling late night snacks.

Healthy Late Night Healthy Food: Tips

what is a healthy late night snack? There are several best practices to consider if you wish to minimize harmful late-night urges. Let’s take a look at some dietary recommendations from professionals in the area. Have a look for tips on healthy easy late night snacks.

Make a Schedule

Although eating the correct things late at night isn’t always a bad thing, many nutritionists, like certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and gut health expert Skylar Buchanan, recommend avoiding eating two to three hours before bedtime healthy late night snacks to enhance the chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Plan your meals ahead of time to avoid late-night cravings snacks as much as possible and keep your body on a balanced eating and sleeping routine.

Emilie Berry, a registered dietitian, also suggests ensuring that your meal has a mix of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber to avoid hunger later in the evening.

Keep things simple

To ensure you despite your best efforts to avoid late-night cravings snacks, you may find that hunger hits later than you would want. Rather of letting a rumbling stomach keep you awake at night, Chrissy Arsenault, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, suggests eating late-night snacks high in protein and fiber, so you don’t have to eat much to be content. “Eating calorie-dense or acidic foods soon before bedtime healthy late night snacks might cause heartburn or irritate your stomach,” she says. And if you need to know about 50 super healthy foods that is just a click away.

Choose low-sugar, low-sodium snacks.

Dr. Jinan Banna, Ph.D., RD, Associate Professor of Nutrition at the University of Hawaii at Mnoa, recommends limiting high-sugar, high-sodium foods while searching through your refrigerator late at night. 

Dr. Scheller echoes this idea, stating that sugary meals “may cause blood sugar variations that keep us up late at night and make us feel sluggish in the morning.” Keeping sugar and salt to a minimal is a fantastic habit to keep in mind if you want to battle hunger pains without having unwanted side effects. These are the ways you can keep up with healthy late night snacks to curb your late-night cravings snacks.

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