The Best Bakeries in London

Freshly made bread, creative éclairs, the ideal doughnut, and cosmopolitan treats: we’ve picked our favorite bakeries in London — which bun will you choose? These are some of the best bakeries in London.

Knead a Little Love

The best bakeries in London

Knead a Little Love, a vegan doughnut brand debuted at East London’s Hoxton Street market in 2018, but the lockout allowed founder Jess to focus on the firm. She’s mastered her recipes, and there are nine to select from, including standard and adventurous flavors like strawberry and apple-flavored popping candy, as well as a particularly delectable chocolate orange-filled one. One of the best bakeries in London!

The Connaught Patisserie

The best bakeries in London

The Connaught’s new patisserie, a rose-hued area with marble flooring and crystal lighting, can be found by following the pink flag on Mount Street. The cuisine is as lovely, with everything from lemon madeleines to chouquettes on sale, as well as the patisserie’s signature: a chocolate hazelnut cake reimagining the Connaught dog from the hotel’s symbol. The River Café, a long-time Connaught friend, will also be hand-delivering their iconic Chocolate Nemesis to The Connaught Patisserie every day, marking the first time the cake has been accessible outside of its home.

Cutter & Squidge

The best bakeries in London

Cutter & Squidge, home of the biskie, has lately established a second location in the center of the city, bringing sweet relief to harried bankers. While their distinctive biskie (cake/cookie/biscuit hybrid) is the star of the show, they also make stunning cakes, truffles, and macaroons.

Bread Ahead

The best bakeries in London

The filled doughnuts of this bakery are legendary. They’re worth every mouthful of the high calorie count, piped with vanilla, chocolate, jam, or honeycomb custard and topped with sugar. And here’s some fantastic news for residents of North West London: Bread Ahead has launched its largest location to date in Wembley Park, which includes a bakery, baking school, and restaurant serving a fresh new breakfast, lunch, and supper menu.

Len & Grechka

The best bakeries in London

If you’re looking for a nutritious bread choice, look no further. Model Lena Perminova recently established her Russian bakery company in the United Kingdom, providing home delivery of its main product, fermented linseed and buckwheat bread. Buckwheat is high in iron, zinc, and selenium, whereas linseed is abundant in dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin B, and omega-3 fatty acids. The products are also naturally gluten-free and devoid of yeast, sugar, and chemicals.

Primrose Bakery

The best bakeries in London

Remember the late-nineties cupcake craze? Primrose Bakery’s beautiful pastel-colored treats started it all. The bakery is still running strong, and cake lovers travel from all around to visit. Fortunately, they now have locations in Kensington and Covent Garden as too. Keep a watch out for new flavors, and don’t forget to taste the Carrot Cupcake before you go.


The best bakeries in London

Violet is the epitome of what a bakery should be: adorable, pleasant, and providing the finest cupcakes you’ve ever had. On weekends, lines flow out into the street, but the wait is well worth it, with freshly baked scones loaded with clotted cream and cardamom jam among the delights in store. Violet was picked to make Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake, despite her diminutive stature – and if it’s good enough for the royals, that is.

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Maître Choux

The best bakeries in London

Food meets art in Joakim Prat’s elegantly made éclairs. The world’s first and only choux pastry specialty patisserie, the rest of London’s éclairs pale in comparison, and the flavors vary seasonally to keep your taste buds tickled.

Andina Panaderia

The best bakeries in London

Andina Panaderia in Westbourne Grove is a must-visit for Peruvian baked goodies. Slow-ferment sweet and savory baking is a much-needed complement to London’s immensely diverse culinary scene. Surely, deserve to share the space with the best bakeries in London!

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