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Google Plans to Make Android Apps Private in 2022


Google’s strategy to restrict data monitoring on its Chrome Internet browser has been expanded to include applications on its Android-based handsets as part of a larger data privacy initiative. Using its Privacy Sandbox initiative, the company intends to limit the…

London Fashion Week 2022


From Friday, February 18 through Tuesday, February 22, 2022, London Fashion Week, presented by Clearpay, will take place. Catwalk displays, lectures, appointments, and events across London will continue to be part of the hybrid program that includes both digital and…

13 Creepy Mummies That Ever Existed


The Nazca Mummies – Peru among one of the creepy mummies that ever existed: This mummy seems to be that of a person who died cross-legged and somewhat hunched. Chinchilla’s mummies were, in fact, seated and facing the morning light…

9 Real-Life Terrifying Disappearing Horror Stories


In the Charley Project, persons who have vanished without explanation are entered into a database. Though it’s an excellent place to discover information on current investigations, browsing its database chronologically reveals instances from the early part of the twentieth century…