International Conference on Mechanical, Aerospace and Production Engineering (ICMAPE)

International Conference on Mechanical, Aerospace and Production Engineering (ICMAPE) invites researchers, engineers & scientists to present their discoveries.

Event Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Conference Organized By: Science plus Conference 

Conference Date: 2022-07-01 to 2022-07-02

Contact Person: Conference coordinator

Conference Inquiry Email ID: [email protected]

The International Conference on Mechanical, Aerospace and Production Engineering (ICMAPE) is an international venue for the presentation of technological breakthroughs and the results of research conducted in the domains of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Production Engineering. And it is as exciting as the other renowned tech-related upcoming conferences going to happen in the UK.

At the conference, renowned researchers, engineers, and scientists in the field of interest from all around the globe will come together to share their findings. Previous and prospective writers are cordially invited to submit their most recent research articles to ICMAPE for publication, where they may also share their insightful experiences with other scientists and academics from all around the globe.

Important Dates for ICMAPE

  • Conference Start Date: 2022-07-01
  • Deadline For Submission / Apply:2022-06-14
  • Conference End Date:2022-07-02

Rules and Instructions of ICMAPE: 



Oral presentations that are contributed last for a total of 15 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes allotted for questions and conversation. One of the authors or co-authors of the article is required to give the presentation. 

For oral presentations, you may use either your own personal laptop or the PC that will be provided in the session room (both of which will have Windows and PowerPoint installed). Please bring your laptop or a pen drive with your presentation file to the room where the session is being held. Every presentation will get off to a running start with the assistance of a volunteer who will be there.

DIRECTIONS for Putting Together Poster Presentations

The maximum dimensions for an available poster are 36 inches wide by 48 inches in height (3 ft. x 4 ft.). You are responsible for providing your own printing of the actual poster. You are kindly asked to hang up your poster in the morning before the Opening ceremony and then to take it down at the conclusion of the meeting. At least one of the people who wrote the paper has to be present at the poster session so that it may be discussed with attendees. There will be a display of posters available for viewing in the conference room.



What are the steps involved in presenting a Live Video?

  • You are obligated to submit both an abstract and a full paper, both of which will be reviewed by peers in a blinded fashion to determine whether or not the abstract will be accepted. After receiving confirmation to attend the Conference, the organizing committee will immediately begin planning and carrying out a test run in the immediate area of the Conference. 
  • The participant will get instructions on how to interact with other attendees and present while attending the conference. Following the conclusion of the presentation and the conference, you will be sent a digital copy of the proceedings, together with a presentation certificate and the conference itself. After the conference, the materials related to your attendance at the conference will be sent to the address you provided.

Requirements for ICMAPE event:

  • Laptop equipped with a headset / desktop computer outfitted with a webcam, microphone, and headset
  • Chrome browser with the latest update
  • Before you begin, you will need to stop or deactivate any virus protection software you have installed, since failure to do so will prevent the camera from working.
  • A setting that is bright and peaceful, with a focus on professional accomplishments.

About Science Plus 

Science Plus was established in 2011, and its members include some of the most illustrious engineers, engineer-scientists, and technologists in the world. Their expertise spans the whole spectrum of scientific subjects. To promote and enhance the profession of engineering and technology, allied sciences and disciplines, and their applications to challenges of international relevance is one of the goals and objectives of the Science Plus organization. In addition to fostering innovations, inquiries, and research in the quest for engineering excellence, Science Plus encourages students to participate in the program.

Goals of Science Plus Conferences: 

  • In order to improve the quality of publications in refereed scientific journals and to elevate their standards.
  • The purpose of this initiative is to inspire and promote individuals to strive for excellence in the fields of engineering and science.
  • In order to generate ideas that are true, realistic, and of high quality.
  • To assemble a group of well-known experts working together on a single platform from all over the globe.
  • Invention, inquiry, and research should be encouraged, and efforts should be made to promote the use of these activities for the growth of both organized and unorganized parts of the national economy.
  • To build and construct various professorships, fellowships, studentships, scholarship and award programs, and other forms of financial assistance.
  • To engage in conversation with Professional Bodies, Engineering and Scientific Academies, and other similar organizations located all over the world.
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