15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Curry is more popular in the United Kingdom than conventional fish and chips, with the former selling out two to one, and Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to exquisite Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Indian, and Pakistani restaurants. It wasn’t easy whittling down the list to just 15, which included everything from sophisticated Michelin-starred restaurants to funky street food joints, but someone had to do it. Here are our recommendations for the best Indian restaurants in London.

Dishoom (King’s Cross)

15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

The Bombay cafe-style vibe pervades Dishoom, which is split across two floors with lots of open and hidden dining choices. Original pictures of Parsi bodybuilders and Indian stars from the Bombay jazz era are displayed throughout the restaurant, which is designed with colonial-era fans, rattan and wood, robust tables, and original portraits of Parsi bodybuilders and Indian stars from the Bombay jazz era. Come for an evocative drink, a creative small plate menu (don’t miss the bhelpuri, spicy lamb chops, keema, or richly flavored black dal), and a wonderful catch-up with your friends. This is undoubtedly one of the best Indian restaurants in London.

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15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

On most evenings, you’ll have to wait at least half an hour to get into this popular Whitechapel BYOB Punjabi eatery. Tayyabs is noisy (and no one is on a romantic date), but the sizzling platters of meat are what you’re there for. The lamb chops are the primary attraction, served hot and marinated in a kadai masala with coriander, chopped onions, and chillies, with freshly baked rotis, parathas, and naans to go with it. It’s ideal for meat lovers and big parties seeking for a low-cost way to enjoy excellent Punjabi cuisine.


15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Another one of the best Indian restaurants in London. This old run-of-the-mill curry eatery is fresh, contemporary, and intriguing, despite its small size and constant crowds. Former Tamarind chef Nirmal Save oversees the kitchen, which specializes in tapas-style small sharing meals bursting with bold flavors sourced from all around India. Don’t miss the Chettinad pulled duck with handmade uthappam or the rasam ke bomb if you’re looking for a romantic date night.


15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Gymkhana is a fancy, sophisticated, Michelin-starred restaurant that is deservingly so. It’s so wonderful that you’ll want to come back again to taste as many of the meals as possible. The tasting menus are all excellent, elevating curries and spices to new heights; the cocktails are divine (sometimes too divine); and the service is attentive and polite. Anyone will be impressed, whether it’s a colleague, a lover, or a mother.

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Calcutta Street

15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Calcutta Street is lively, beautiful, and relaxed. The lunch and supper dishes are very flavorful yet limited in selection. The vegetable shukto with cashew nut and melon seed sauce, as well as the whole crab curry, are both fantastic, with the meat flavors shining through. The cocktail menu includes fancy, fruity serbets (long soft drinks with the option of adding a shot of rum or tequila), as well as Indian whiskey and London artisan beer. It’s laid-back and delicious, making it ideal for a pre-night out supper with friends.

Akash Tandoori

15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Akash Tandoori, a restaurant that has remained in the same location for over 30 years, is definitely doing something right. Also, is one of the best Indian restaurants in London That implies richly flavorful meals as well as very courteous service. Order a number of appetizers (you won’t find finer onion bhajis anywhere else in London), and stick to Tandoor dishes for mains. Come for a family lunch on a Sunday night, as the regulars do. It’s the ideal way to end a hard week.


15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Kricket is a combination of cool cats, Instagram food hunters, and out-of-towners, and its clientele are a mix of cool cats, Instagram food hunters, and out-of-towners. The cocktails are excellent, and the wine selection has enough variety to satisfy most tastes. The menu is Indian fusion, with more elegantly prepared meals than thickly sauced lamb curries, and it will appeal to even people who aren’t normally fans of Indian cuisine.

Roti Chai

15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Roti Chai is a two-tiered contemporary Indian restaurant with a bright, straightforward vibe: informal on the upper level and more serious on the lower level. Waiters are quick to characterize Roti Chai’s cuisine as “contemporary Indian soul food,” and the tiny plates, which are based on street food dishes from all around India, are pleasantly comforting. Come with a group of friends and purchase a shared menu to sample all of the small dishes and snacks together.


15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Amaya has low lighting and wide-spaced polished wood tables, making it seem more like an art museum than a low-key restaurant. A stylish crowd—all suits and business—has gathered in central London for a taste of India. The menu (each dish is meant to be shared by the table) is updated on a regular basis, and there are plenty of nice vegetarian alternatives for people who don’t want to eat meat or fish. It’s ideal for a business lunch, a large group trip, or any other occasion when you want superb cuisine made with care.

Apollo Banana Leaf

15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Apollo Banana Leaf is a renowned institution in this region of south London, thanks to its shabby-chic design and so-uncool-it’s-cool feel, as well as its delectable cuisine. If you’re on a budget and want to try some delicious South Indian or Sri Lankan food, this is the place to go. Order the mutton vindaloo and the deviled mutton cooked in Sri Lankan spices and vinegar with your spice-loving buddies.


15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

Benares is a huge, bold, and contemporary city that is as much a place to see as it is to eat. The tasting menu, which features contemporary Indian cuisine made with mostly British ingredients, is pricey, but beautifully presented and well worth it. The wine selection is large, and the Sommelier can assist you traverse it. Come for a big party or if you simply want to blow some cash.

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Delhi Grill

15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

It’s the kind of spot where a cold, robust beer should be consumed. The cuisine is delicious, inexpensive, and enjoyable, from the relishes and chutneys to the samosas and lamb chops. Bring a group of friends for lunch or supper; it’s a lively pocket-sized stomper of a restaurant that’s a lot of fun.

The India Club

15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

The India Club has been a fixture in the community since 1946 and is a popular tourist attraction. The mustard-hued walls still have faded portraits of Mahatma Gandhi on them, and the Formica-topped tables are cleaned by lugubrious servers. Come for the atmosphere and to feel out of place in London, not for the cuisine, which is substantial but not especially spectacular.

Lahore Kebab House

15 Best Indian Restaurants in London

This East End curry establishment isn’t very opulent on the outside, but the taste is a different story. Think hot lamb cutlets, superb roti, fiery kebabs, and thick, creamy curries—unpretentious. Its (Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar loves Lahore Kebab House, and with good reason.) It’s a BYOB establishment, so bring your own bottle. On a Saturday night, it’s a fantastic spot to gather friends before going out to the neighboring nightlife, and everyone is ready to split the price.



Last but not the least, another one of the best Indian restaurants in London.  Trishna, the sister restaurant of Gymkhana, is a contemporary and large elegant restaurant with a moderately priced tasting menu that is light, fresh, and never too heavy. (For appetizers, try the paneer and the aloo with ginger, fenugreek, and chili.) Plus, the house drinks are fantastic, with names inspired by different Indian locales and crafted with pride. Come for a good lunch in a serious and well-organized setting.

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