Best Afternoon Tea London under £50

Afternoon Tea in London is a traditional practice but can be heavy on your wallet. Here are 12 tea cafes you can get the Best afternoon Tea London under £50.

Looking for cheap afternoon teas London? You are at reading the proper blog at this time. Afternoon tea has been a British tradition ever since it was first introduced in the year 1840. We have the Best Afternoon Tea London under £50 and these are listed for you here.

It is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisine, refreshing tea, and maybe even a bottle of sparkling wine. However, much like many other items in the nation’s capital, the price tag may often be very high. However, there is no need for things to be in such a state. If you are seeking affordable afternoon tea in London, there is no shortage of options available to you. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular and best budget afternoon tea in London.

What is Afternoon Tea

Tea is served with finger sandwiches, scones, and petit fours while having afternoon tea, which is often referred to as “high tea.” Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, is credited with the invention of the idea, which consisted of the duchess hosting guests for tea and cake in the time gap between lunch and evening. Afternoon tea has progressed significantly since the time of the duchess, and today it’s not uncommon to see champagne, gin, and cocktails on the menu.

Sides with Afternoon Tea

The cuisine that is provided during an afternoon tea might vary greatly depending on where you attend and whether or not you are participating in a themed event. A variety of teas, scones with clotted cream and jam, finger sandwiches, and a variety of cakes and pastries are often part of the meal, which is typically had between the hours of 3 and 5 in the afternoon.

The 12 most delicious and reasonably priced afternoon teas in London

Are you curious about the price of afternoon tea? Once again, this is dependent on where you travel as well as whether or not you want to indulge in champagne. In London, there are several restaurants that charge as much as £100 for each individual diner. On the other hand, you can get into a lot of places to have afternoon tea in London for around $20 to $25 per person. Because finding choices at a low cost is the focus of this piece, read down to discover which Tea place in London serves the best cheap afternoon tea in London.

Tea and Tittle Tattle 

  • Location: Camden 
  • Price per person: £19
  • Alternatives to meat: vegetarian choices

Tea and Tittle Tattle may be found tucked down in the bowels of a bookstore that specializes in the sale of books from all over the globe. After spending the morning visiting the British Museum, a trip to this charming tea parlor is the ideal way to unwind and relax.

In point of fact, it’s the complete opposite! You have the option of purchasing a shared afternoon tea for the price of $38, or you may pay £19 apiece to have tea, sandwiches, scones, and cakes served to you. You even receive a variety of jams and a drink of fresh lemonade with your purchase. In addition, if you are staying with us at the Clink78 Backpackers Youth Hostel in King’s Cross, you will be happy to hear that Tea and Tittle Tattle is just a 20-minute walk away.

This will make your stay with us much more enjoyable. This is one of the tea cafes for casual afternoon tea which serves affordable afternoon tea in London.

Open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The Tea Terrace

The Tea Terrace
The Tea Terrace
  • Location: Oxford Street 
  • The cost is £25 for each individual
  • Vegan and gluten-free choices are available for food.

You are free to enjoy afternoon tea in precisely the way that suits you thanks to the Tea Terrace. You have the option of selecting a traditional, gluten-free, vegan, or even extravagant afternoon tea, and you may choose from a variety of sandwiches, cakes, and other foods.

Not only that, but you may choose from among seventeen different types of tea as well as approximately six distinct flavors of scones. This place serves the best cheap afternoon tea London. No matter what time of day you go, the location itself is always bustling with activity and has a wonderful vibe to give.

Open every day at 11 a.m.

To a Tea 

  • Location: Farringdon 
  • The cost is £25 for each individual
  • Alternatives to meat: vegetarian choices

Even while To a Tea is well-known for its pastries, sandwiches, and scones, the beverage selection is what really sets the restaurant apart. On the inside, there are three different temperature boilers for your convenience. In light of this, you may be certain that it was prepared with the ideal water, irrespective of the sort of tea that you choose. It is one of the places to visit for a casual afternoon tea London.

You may get Prosecco if you want something stronger, and if you pay an additional fee, you can have as much as you want to drink of it. In addition, the Clink261 Budget Hostel in London is only half an hour away from where you are. 

7:35 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

The Wallace

  • Location: Marylebone 
  • Price per person: £19.50
  • Alternatives to meat: vegetarian choices

In what is often regarded as being among the most impressive venues for the display of fine arts in the United Kingdom, the Wallace Collection Gallery serves as the setting for the Wallace Restaurant. It is the ideal spot to kick back and relax while indulging in afternoon tea, and guests even have the choice of adding sparkling wine or champagne to their experience.

The room is flooded with natural light and has a wonderful design. The Peyton and Byrne jams that were provided with the scones have had to be one of the most memorable parts of this whole trip. Alongside, also serves as a place with affordable afternoon tea in London.

Daily 10.00am – 17.00pm Visit the place.


  • Location: The Borough Market 
  • Price per person: £35
  • Food options: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free

This British butchery offers both a classic afternoon tea and an option for endless Prosecco, and it can be found near to London Bridge. The market in which it is located is considered to be one of the most popular food markets in the city.

The restaurant Roast has dishes such as truffle egg and mayo sandwiches, rhubarb custard pie, sultana scones, and lemon drizzle cake on its menu. One of the places to have afternoon tea in London, also being the place with cheap afternoon tea London. This is a fantastic option for people of all ages and preferences due to the quality of the cuisine, the location, and the rich history of the building.

Between Monday and Saturday, 11:45 am – 5:30 pm

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  • Locations range from Victoria to Covent Garden and everything in between
  • The cost is £22 per person
  • Food options: Vegetarian, vegan

Browns is a go-to spot for many Londoners in search of an affordable afternoon tea London since it has many sites around the city. On the menu, you can anticipate traditional sandwich contents that have been given a little bit of a modern twist, as well as a variety of bread kinds. After that, you will be served warm scones, cakes, and puddings, and you will have the choice of drinking tea, champagne, or even a gin and tonic.

Every day from 3 pm till 5 pm

The Wolseley

The Wolseley
The Wolseley
  • Location: Piccadilly
  • The cost is £33 for each individual
  • Alternative diets are available, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, pescatarian, dairy-free, and nut-free alternatives.

The Wolseley, which was once a car dealership and has now been transformed into a posh London institution, is open seven days a week and offers both cream tea and tea cafes. The restaurant’s location in the center of Piccadilly ensures that patrons are never far from the excitement of the neighborhood. The traditional afternoon tea has all of the patrons’ favorites in addition to fresh pastries and is presented on a three-tiered platform. Also best for casual afternoon tea London.

Monday to Friday 3.00pm – 6.30pm & Saturday to Sunday 3.30pm – 6.30pm


  • Location: in the city of Victoria
  • The cost is £30 for each individual
  • Food options: Vegetarian, vegan

It’s possible that Bbar has one of the most unique takes on afternoon tea, but either way, you shouldn’t miss it. Every day from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, they provide afternoon tea with a South African slant. You may anticipate being served small bunny chows, scones, and cakes, in addition to a terrific ambiance. If you’ve got room for one more, one of their specialty cocktails is likely to pique your interest, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to try it. One of the best budget afternoon tea London can be found there.

Every day from 2:30 pm till 5:30 pm

The English Rose Coffee and Tea House

  • Location: Westminster
  • The cost is £18 per person
  • Food options: Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free

The English Rose Tea Shop is THE place to go for classic afternoon tea, and it’s conveniently located just around the corner from the world-famous Buckingham Palace. On the menu, you’ll discover a variety of finger sandwiches, cakes, and scones, and they can accommodate any dietary requirements you may have.

This cheap afternoon tea London place, In addition, gives you the option to include a bottle of champagne in your order, and you can even have your afternoon tea packaged up in a box and take it with you. Due to the location near proximity to several open areas in London, there are a lot of options for locations to have a picnic.

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

MAP Maison

MAP Maison
The MAP Maison
  • Location: Hackney 
  • The cost is £25 for each individual
  • Alternatives to meat: vegetarian choices

At MAP Maison, you may have affordable afternoon tea London, with a touch of Spain! In addition, before you even begin to think about the cuisine, there is a varied assortment of teas from which you may choose.

It was meticulously crafted by one of the leading tea experts in the UK, and it even contains the Mi Lan Dan Cong, which is considered to be the champagne of Oolong tea and whose leaves can only be found in one region of the globe. You’ll find a range of tapas-style dishes, such as bread with Mediterranean toppings, an Iberico burger, and vegetarian alternatives, on their menu.

Tuesday & Wednesday 5 pm-7 pm, Thursday 3 pm-7 pm, Friday 2 pm-7 pm, Saturday 12 pm – 5 pm, Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm. Visit the place.

The Park Grand Lancaster Gate 

  • Location: Paddington 
  • The cost is $14.50 for each individual
  • Alternatives to meat: vegetarian choices

The Park Grand Lancaster Gate is located next to Hyde Park and is part of a four-star boutique hotel. It is open from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm on weekdays. It provides a variety of choices, such as conventional afternoon tea, chocolate afternoon tea, and even an afternoon tea with an Indian-style twist. Serves the best cheap afternoon tea in London. Bring a companion with you since each event is designed for two people. Vegetarian alternatives are available.

Every day from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm


  • Location: Covent Garden
  • The cost is £14.95 for each individual
  • Alternatives to meat: vegetarian choices

Paul is your place if you want affordable afternoon tea London with a touch of French. This particular location, which is immediately next to St. Paul’s Church, was the very first Paul branch anywhere around the globe. A typical English afternoon tea will set you back £14.95 per person.

If you want some bubbly with your meal, you may upgrade it for an additional £5 for Prosecco or £7 for champagne. You also have the option to purchase bottomless bubbles for the price of $24.95 on the weekends. Best for a casual afternoon tea London also, one of the tea cafes to serve best budget afternoon tea London. The selection of French pastries and artisan bread will titillate your taste buds in addition to the beverages, so don’t limit yourself to only drinking there.

Daily 8 am – 7 pm.

End Note

This quintessentially British custom can also be mind-bogglingly pricey. This is especially true in the capital, where having afternoon tea at a five-star hotel may easily run you back more than fifty pounds per person.

These are some choices that are kinder to our wallets since that is quite a lot of money for some crustless sandwiches and a glass of sparkling wine, despite the fact that they may be rather delectable.

The above-mentioned tea cafes are really pleasing to see that despite the fact that they are very wallet-friendly, they are nonetheless delectably fashionable. Try one of these affordable afternoon tea London which we’ve chosen which are some of the best budget afternoon tea London.

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