Sports Day: love it or hate it?

Oh yes, sports day. The day where your children show their athletic capabilities, increase social lessons and end the day with a glorious picnic. This day is ultimately a fun day however there are situations or in some cases, certain individuals can change what sports day is meant for. So here are some tips to avoid sticky situations.

Remember, it’s about the kids

Let me start by saying this; sports day is not meant to be taken seriously. If you do some leg work you can scour up so many tales of weeping children failing to win race after race, and then those that are paraded around by their parents for their triumphant victory.

However, sports day is supposed to be a fun day but some parents seem to go the extra mile to make sure their children win. Now, there is no problem with some extra work before the race, but I am talking about personal trainers and weeks, even months of training. What’s worse is just the aftermath of failed races when all these parents get absolutely heated about their waste of money.

Remember, sports day is not the Olympics, no matter how your child performs, always be there to cheer them up, no matter their physical prowess or their performance in the fields.

Sports Day: love it or hate it?

Time for the grown-ups to join the fun

Well, I say fun, but like previously mentioned there are some folks that take this more seriously than needed. Many parents are there to record their children’s memories, hence, are not wearing adequate clothing and many do not have the best physique to play. So, it is quite a spectacular event when parents compete for a spot on the pedestal. However, due to many issues such as children getting embarrassed, some taking it way too seriously and many others, many schools have opted to avoid this event.

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