Pep Guardiola Advises Wear Masks to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Despite the Coronavirus isolating the world for 2 years, it seems it isn’t quite done just yet and a new dominant variant Omicron has emerged. Hence, the government has greenlit Plan B regulations where fans are mandatory to show double-vaccine shots or a negative Covid Test to enter stadiums and Man City manager and former player Pep Guardiola had some things to say.

To avoid further tragedies, Pep Guardiola urges everyone to wear masks

To keep football tournaments alive even during this pandemic, many clubs forced their games into closed doors. Man City boss Pep Guardiola however did not like the idea but believes it to be necessary.

He lost his mother last year due to this virus and when asked about these closed doors situations, he stated that the games are not the same without the cheering from the fans but he is also surprised how many of them simply ignore practices against the virus. 

He says that he sees people dining inside restaurants, shopping in large malls, or simply drinking in pubs without using face masks and urges his fans to avoid this.

Pep Guardiola claims that people should take social distancing and wearing masks more seriously alongside taking the vaccine and booster shots so that restaurants, stadiums stay open. And it is a must as the new variant of COVID threatening the sports world.

The entire football leagues are in disarray 

The football managers and players have voiced their concerns about the back-to-back matches needed to be played during this holiday period even with their team being shortened due to Covid-19.

Pep Guardiola has expressed his concerns as well about players going on strikes and even though the Premier League had a meeting with all the club and team managers, all of them said that this meeting was a “waste of time”.

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