Best Places in London for Eat – Kids, Families & Couples

The best places in London for eat with family, kids, and couples. Starting from well-decorated restaurants to getting the best food for the price, the ultimate list.

A trip with the family could not be more enjoyable than one spent in London. However, after a long day of taking your kids around the countless attractions, everyone’s tummies, no matter how large or how tiny, are going to be rumbling with hunger. We are happy to inform you that there are a great number of food places in London that will be just as accommodating to your child as they would be to any adult. 

The best food places to go that made our list of the finest family restaurants in London are the kinds of places that, even if you didn’t have children, you would definitely still want to visit because you deserve a reward. We have compiled a list of the most upscale best places for eat that are still welcoming to families with young children, as well as a few more laid-back food places to go where you can get a slice of pizza or a burger if you have a hankering for something a little more indulgent when the holidays are in session. These are the places to eat in London with family.

Best Places for Kids to Eat in London: Best Child-friendly Places in London

There are a lot of places in London which are good for the places and food to visit. Take your child to these recommended places by us to enjoy your day and let your kids have a good meal with a great ambiance. 

The Garden Café

The address is 5 Lambeth Palace Road, and the postcode is SE1 7LB

 This is one of the food places in London that offers some truly fantastic food that appeals to children as much as grown-ups do owe to the basic, pared-back style. The picture-perfect dishes of freshly baked focaccia or gnocchi are topped with wild garlic and parmesan. 

Sweets are served in the shape of sticky toffee pudding with cream, which is widely acknowledged as being one of the nicest sweets that one may have in their lifetime, in our opinion. As a result of its location on one side of a garden courtyard, it is possible for you to let the children run around without concern. 

Pizza East, Shoreditch

Pizza East, Shoreditch
Pizza East

Location: 56 Shoreditch High Street, Unit 6JJ, London E1 6JJ

Pizza is a foolproof solution to the problem of feeding children who are hungry, and it also functions admirably in the role of a reward on days when they can devour fast food. Because the Shoreditch location of this pizza micro business is usually filled with customers, the buzz is maintained at a maximum, which allows children to run about freely. This is one of the food places to go with your child.

Pizzas made with buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and basil, or salami, mozzarella, and tomato are two examples of kid-friendly topping combinations. However, that is not all that is up for grabs; other Italian staples like mac and cheese and meat lasagne are also included in Pizza East, which is one of the best places for eat. 

Heddon Street Kitchen, Piccadilly Circus 

Location: Heddon Street, between 3 and 9, postcode W1B 4BN

If giving your children the choice of creating their own ice cream cones, sandwiches, and wafer baskets with the frozen treat don’t send them into a brain freeze, This amusing little addition makes this Gordon Ramsay restaurant a no-brainer for being food place to go and one of the best places for eat with children. However, mains from the special kid’s menu, such as meatballs with pasta or fish and chips with peas, should load them up with some nutrition before the ice cream craziness begins. Look at some of the best restaurants in London for steaks.

The Broadcaster, White City

Location: 89 Wood Lane, London, United Kingdom, W12 7FX

The bustling bar and dining room known as the Broadcaster may be found within the building that once served as the BBC Television Centre in White City. There is a child’s table at The Broadcaster that is stocked with a variety of arts and crafts to keep your young children occupied while you enjoy your roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.

 If you are looking for places and food which will impress you and your kids, this is one of the food places in London. Sunday roast also offers childcare, The Broadcaster is an excellent choice.

RedFarm London, Covent Garden 

Location: 9 Russell Street, WC2B 5HZ

This Cantonese fast-food business is located on Russell Street in Soho, and it has a vintage style that will appeal to children. Toys are displayed on the walls that are a vibrant red color, gingham tablecloths are used to cover the tables, and there is a dumpling dish in the form of Pac-Man that is certain to elicit laughter. 

Dishes that add to the sense of novelty yet taste astonishingly fantastic, such as cheeseburger spring rolls and dumpling soups with straws, will be liked by people of all ages because of their deliciousness. Visit during the daytime hours, since the evenings tend to be extremely rowdy and drunken.

Best Places to eat in London for Families 

Whenever you explore England’s city with the kids, you need to find the top family-friendly restaurants in London. With many tiny mouths to feed, it may often be challenging to locate a restaurant that will accommodate their taste and keep them interested while you eat. You could also book the best places in London before having your meals.

Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill, Chelsea

Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill
Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

This family-friendly restaurant serves comfort cuisine for both adults and children, and it also has pleasant staff, a nice atmosphere, and a menu that is specifically designed for children to choose from. This is one of the best food places to go. Kids may be content eating meatballs and spaghetti, chicken and chips with peas, or bangers and mash, while their parents can enjoy rare-breed steaks, fish, and fowl fresh off the grill. 

For dessert, you may choose from a chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, or a sticky toffee pudding. These three options keep things traditional. This is one of the best places for eat with family and kids. 

All Star Lanes 

All Star Lanes provides you with a distinctive eating experience if you’re looking for the top family-friendly restaurant in London. In this restaurant, families can eat while having a blast. The kid’s menu is £17.50 and includes a kid’s meal, soft drink, dessert, or shake, as well as a round of bowling! 

The menu includes burgers, hot dogs, chicken, spaghetti, vegetarian, and vegan selections. There are four All Star Lanes in London, and each has a unique closing hour for patrons under the age of 18. For an enjoyable family outing, be sure you reserve your time for one of these food places in London, throughout the day or in the early evening. 

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant in London’s West End is the food place to go to savor the comfort cuisine of America’s Deep South. The popular Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump served as an inspiration for the scenario. The food of the themed restaurant is inspired by the movie’s Alabama location. You may purchase Forrest Gump memoirs at this restaurant, including t-shirts, hats, DVDs, and license plates.

Rainforest Cafe

For a fantastic family supper, with good places and food, enter the Amazon Jungle in the center of the West End. Both eating and admiring the Rainforest Cafe on Shaftesbury Avenue are thrilling experiences. Adults have a selection of American and international dishes to choose from, including burgers, spaghetti, salads, and steak and ribs straight off the grill. 

Children’s main courses cost £7.90 and come in the form of a burger, chicken, pasta, pizza, or fish. Alternatively, choose the kid’s adventure meal, which starts at £16.40 and includes a main dish, a dessert, a soft drink, and a bag of activities for the jungle.


Giraffe Restaurent

A family-friendly restaurant franchise called Giraffe has international cuisine on its menu. Also is one of the best places to eat in London. Enjoy burgers, fish fingers, steaks, bhajis, gyozas, burritos, quesadillas, and fish. The kids’ menu costs £3 and includes a meal, dessert, and soft drink. For a smoothie, add £1. The vegetarian cuisine at Giraffe includes seasonal salads and the renowned “Hidden Veggie Pasta.” Remember to benefit from the $1 children’s meals!

Rock Hard Cafe

When you dine at the Hard Rock Cafe in Mayfair, see The Vault, London’s exclusive rock and roll museum. With guitars from legendary rock musicians and a rock store where you can purchase your own Hard Rock Cafe memorabilia, this family-friendly restaurant in London offers a unique cultural and gastronomic experience. 

The American-style children’s menu has hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, fish, pasta, and chicken meals. A thick shake, hot fudge sundae, or root beer float are stylish ways to round off the meal.

Best Places to eat in London for a Birthday

With the best food places to go, the list of places and food can keep going. However, on a different note, birthday parties for your children or even adults can be held in a number of family-friendly beautiful restaurants. Which are also the best places in London for eat. These are also restaurants that are friendly for couples for having a lovely birthday surprise. You can also read this article best afternoon tea in London.

Poppie’s Fish & Chips Camden

Poppie’s restaurant in Camden is recognized for offering some of the greatest fish & chips in the city. This is one of the best food places in London to have a birthday party. You’ll be happy to watch your youngsters finish their plates since the restaurant serves tiny amounts to suit their appetites. A part of the menu named ‘Children’s meals’ offers little quantities of classics, such as fish nibbles and sausages with chips, which cost only £6.50 apiece.

The Florence

To have a classic roast supper, you must go to The Florence pub on Herne Hill, overlooking Brockwell Park, for a family-friendly lunch in London. All kids’ main meals cost only £7 apiece, including the Sunday roast. For dessert, kids may try sticky toffee pudding and raspberry & white chocolate sundae. Well-behaved kids are welcome till 7 pm and there are kid’s activity papers provided to keep them amused. Dogs are also welcomed at The Florence and when the weather is nice during the summer, there is often an outside bar and a BBQ. One of the best places to eat in London is also to celebrate a birthday party.



For knowing places and food for birthdays, this restaurant called Wahaca provides Mexican food. Wahaca’s inexpensive kids’ menu lets youngsters construct their own tacos or grilled quesadilla sandwiches with cheese and a drink for £5.75. As well as the children’s menu selections, they offer loads of reasonably priced little meals that are excellent for sharing. The little plates are great for giving the youngsters a taste of something unusual. There are seven places in London. find out the best places & locations to host your birthday party in the city of London.

Café Murano

This is among the food places to go to celebrate a birthday. Cafe Murano welcomes you to an Italian environment. The restaurant provides a special children’s menu, which costs only £10 and comprises a chicken Milanese or a bowl of pasta, followed by ice cream. The menus are purposefully constructed to the same high standards as the adult menu.


Dishoom is definitely one of the trendiest eateries in London with its Irani-cafe-in-Bombay type décor, so even if you’re not a lover of spice, go there for a quick cup of chai and be taken back to early 20th century colonial Bombay. The restaurant has five locations throughout London. The children’s menu is minimal and has food that has delicately spiced chicken thighs or Paneer and peppers served with Bombay potatoes and coleslaw with fruit juice.

Finals Words

London is filled with places and food to go to with families and kids for having a meal and a good day filled with laughter and fun. The restaurants are worldwide famous and have different types of cuisines to enjoy along with giving a healthy atmosphere for your kids to enjoy. 

The food places in London which are family-friendly ensure a good time that you can spend with your close ones without thinking a lot about places and food while you are looking for restaurants on an off day. Our ultimate list of best places for eat-in London shall already give you all the details necessary to have enough knowledge about everything you need to know. 

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