17 Best Places for Breakfast in London That You Must Try

Want to find the best places for breakfast in London? You will find a range of locations on this list, including budget-friendly and popular options.

It is a really old phrase that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast really does provide a wide variety of selections. And fortunately for Londoners, the capital city satisfies every desire for the perfect breakfast. 

The fry-up, avo and eggs on toast, shakshuka, and many more dishes are now staples of the city. There are some of the best places for breakfast in London. We’ve compiled the ideal list, whether you want to start your day at a classy restaurant, a fast-food joint, or a biker café. Everything is available, including acai bowls, croissants, and tapas.

Best Budget Places for Breakfast in London

Given the fact that London is a fairly expensive city, it is surprising how many places can be found to have the world-famous English breakfast on a budget. Breakfast places in London can also be affordable! Besides the best places for dinner in London, there are places for breakfast in London where A-listed celebrities visit, along with places that are popular because of their affordable rates although being one of the best places for breakfast in London. Here are our top picks for the breakfast places in London which are affordable.

45 Jermyn St.

45 Jermyn St. best places for breakfast in london
45 Jermyn St.

45 Jermyn St. is one place for traditional breakfast in London. On a very glitzy ocean liner appearance to it. Breakfast is a glitzy event, complete with detox beverages and a “healthy” are loaded with chia seeds, so it only makes sense. Indulgence is also available at 45 Jermyn Street; you may pig out on scrambled eggs with caviar in the “favorites” area.

Apres Food Co

Apres Food Co is one of the best Breakfast café London. The co-owner of this adorable Clerkenwell café is a certified dietitian who uses her expertise for good: a nutritious breakfast that also appeals to taste buds. 

Unlike the frittata muffins, which are each stuffed with three eggs and daily-changing additions, the enormous full English is totally oven-roasted and includes delicious, gluten-free toast. A selection of sweets and pastries is available in the kitchen. 


The breakfast menu at this famous, opulent New York-style bistro offers conventional eggs prepared in a variety of ways, including florentine, pimped omelets, and pancakes and almond waffles in the American manner. 

Porridge, fruit salad, or granola are suitable alternatives to the £15.75 full English breakfast. You may also pay an additional £10 for pastries and freshly baked bread for the table if you’d like something a bit lighter. Don’t forget to stop at the boulangerie before leaving. Balthazar is one of the places for breakfast in London which is on the affordable side. 

The Black Penny

This breakfast café London is said to be one of the best places for breakfast in London. The Black Penny, a cheerful café located in the lowlands between Holborn and Covent Garden, offers a tempting selection of prepared breakfast items, including brioche french toast, crispy confit duck hash, and even bubble & squeak. Don’t forget to try the Gatherer, one of central London’s best vegetarian breakfast dishes, which includes grilled halloumi, sautéed spinach, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, and handmade baked beans. Also, visit their Sloane Square location.

Most famous places for breakfast in London

London is full of popular tourist spots and places that are famous for their history and culture. Alongside the Best Places for Lunch in London, the best places in London for breakfast be it a traditional breakfast in a London restaurant, or a breakfast café, there are many famous places for breakfast in London where A-listed celebrities and many others who are popular visit on a regular basis. The list below contains all the famous places for breakfast in London. 

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse
Chiltern Firehouse

This is one of the breakfast places in London which is fairly popular. Unless you’re an A-list celebrity, it’s practically hard to acquire a dinner reservation at this trendy London restaurant. On weekdays, it serves breakfast from 7 am until 10. 30 am. 

Prices are really exorbitant, so beware. Granola is £10, a black truffle and cheese toasties are £28 and eggs benedict costs £20, but all of the food is delicious. Kale, cucumber, and ginger are just a few examples of fresh juices that are cold-pressed. There are no reservations accepted, so arrive early – and beam! 

The Coach

This Victorian tavern just underwent renovations, and the dining area has a cottage-conservatory feel about it. Settle in and savor the gourmet buffet of mushrooms on toast, avocado with poached eggs, and coconut and pecan granola, or try the delectable bacon-and-egg bap. Additionally available are teas, coffees, and fresh juices. One of the best places for breakfast in London. 

Coal Office

This Tom Dixon-designed restaurant serves up the flavors of contemporary Jerusalem. It’s a mashup of the region’s most interesting foods, from North Africa and the Middle East. It comes from the same team behind The Palomar and The Barbary. This is an ideal place for a traditional breakfast in London. There are pancakes with date syrup, tahini-glazed winter vegetables, and red or green shakshuka among the menu items.

Coppa Club Tower Bridge

If you want breakfast in London with a view, this riverside restaurant near Tower Bridge has a lot going for it, including excellent water views from the sunny south-facing terrace, a posh brass wraparound bar, and beautiful herringbone flooring, but one of its finest features is the glam-yet-chilled breakfast buffet. While the virtuous “garden breakfast” includes field mushrooms, roast tomato, eggs, and halloumi, the egg menu includes benedict or kiln-smoked salmon royale, both served on toasted English muffins or “naked.”


Breakfast restaurants in London can be diverse. A stylish glass and zinc pavilion houses an all-day café, which serves high-quality food with professional service. The cuisine is excellent – eggs benedict, halloumi flatbread with harissa eggs, avocado sourdough toast – and the specialty coffees (prepared with Assembly Roast) are fantastic. 

Sweet Potato Fritters at Brother Marcus

Breakfast made by Brother Marcus is wonderful. The Step-Sister, now known simply as “Sweet Potato Fritters,” is unquestionably the highlight of their bizarre and amazing menu. It is a delectable tower of gluten-free sweet potato, courgette, and feta fritters topped with avocado, crispy kale, turmeric yogurt, and a poached egg. Like the restaurant itself, it is not only ridiculously wonderful but very tasty. You should also try the smoky shakshuka or the harissa eggs. One of the best places for breakfast in London. 

Hawksmoor Breakfast at Hawksmoor Guildhall

Hawksmoor’s cuisine is likewise well-sourced and wonderful tasting, but serving everything in a frying pan and giving customers the option of grilled bone marrow (don’t dismiss it till you’ve tasted it) shouts splendor. Their Sunday brunch for two at their Guildhall location contains a large full English (for two to split), sausage and egg muffins, bloody marys, and a whole host of other bits and pieces. It is already praised as one of the best places for breakfast in London.  Of all the London breakfasts on our list, it is the meatiest and mightiest.

The Regency Café’s Full English Breakfast 

For traditional best places for breakfast in London, The Regency Café first opened its doors in 1946 and is still serving authentic British food today. With simple art deco elements and wall murals of Tottenham Hotspur stars, the décor is fairly understated. 

It certainly makes up for what it lacks in fancy design in terms of cuisine. With the option to add extras (such as bubble and squeak, hash browns, or black pudding) for an additional pound, the fry-up is an absolute steal at £6. The café has also appeared in a number of movies and television series, including Layer Cake in 2004.

Eggs Benedict at The Wolseley

You don’t have to be rich to have breakfast like a king at The Wolseley, despite the restaurant’s star clientele. At £9.75 a plate, the restaurant’s famed Eggs Benedict are among the most reasonably priced in Mayfair. If you want to spend the entire day there, they also provide a delicious afternoon tea. This is a great breakfast café in London. 

Sweet Potato Rosti at Eggbreak

At Eggbreak, eggs are available on the menu. Additionally, we don’t merely refer to eggs that have been “done anyway.” We mean in every aspect, even those you didn’t realize were feasible. If you’re looking for something unique and absolutely delicious, order the Sweet Potato with goat’s cheese, honey, kale, pine nuts, dill yogurt, and poached egg. 

Alternatively, choose their Spicy Piggy Bun with a Gochujang-spiced pork patty, homemade chili jam, ginger, fried egg, and American cheese. It truly is an eggcellent location to start the day and is deserving of a spot on this list of the best places for breakfasts in London.

Terry’s Café Full English Breakfast 

The cuisine at the family-run Terry’s Café is of the highest caliber and is obtained locally. Their fresh vegetables come from Borough Market, and the meats they utilize are from Smithfield Market, where Terry worked before starting the café. The usual breakfast of sausage, egg, bacon, bubble & squeak, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms is still served. We believe it to be a breakfast café in London which is one of the best places for breakfast in London.

Breakfast en Bread at The Barge House

The Barge House’s renowned Breakfast en Bread has made it a landmark in East London. They remove the center of handmade sourdough bread and stuff it with all your favorite morning fare: Choose from the “Original” with smoked bacon, spinach, slow-roasted tomato, leeks, oyster mushrooms, egg, and cheese; the “Smokey Salmon” with smoked salmon, crème Fraiche, spinach, slow-roasted tomato, leeks, egg, and cheese; or the “Hot Stuff” with chorizo, hot beans, red peppers, and chili. 

Vegetarians and vegans have some delectable alternatives as well. You may make one of them into a Bloody Mary or a freshly squeezed juice for a breakfast fit for a champion. They are now closed while looking for a new location, which is unfortunate, but they are still delivering. 

Berry Pancakes at The Breakfast Club

There is a solid reason why many people adore The Breakfast Club. Your morning bucket list must include their towering towers of pancakes topped with lick-your-plate-clean maple syrup and vanilla cream. However, it’s definitely preferable to go during the working week if you want to avoid the lines. 

Final Verdict

Breakfast places in London never disappoint. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can make or break any day given the mood and the setting of the restaurant and also, the quality of the food! The best places for breakfast in London consist of all the varieties that would make a person fulfilled of their cravings and even be a place for meeting and breakfast and London.

Before rushing off to your work, why not have a meeting inside a breakfast café in London, right? This list of all the breakfast places in London contains the details you would need to get the desired choice of your breakfast in the places for breakfast in London. 

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