9 Best Places for Lunch in London to Take Business Meetings, Friends & Gathering

You’re looking for places to eat lunch in London? Look no further! We have compiled a list of our Best Places for Lunch in London.

Lunch has largely made popular lunch as the primary meal of the day, and London continues to be a leader in the best places for lunch in London. Everyone has developed a new taste for it over the course of the last two years.

Best Casual Places to have Lunch in London

When it comes to throwing a party, lunch has traditionally been the most popular meal. Not only is it less difficult to get a good table, but it also offers greater value. So, without further ado, here is our recommendation of the best places for lunch in London for that all-important noon meal. If you are wondering where to have lunch in London.

Dean Street’s Barrafina Restaurant: Best for Legendary Tapas

Dean Street Barrafina Restaurant
Dean Street Barrafina Restaurant

Once upon a time, coming to Barrafina to have lunch in London— more particularly, making your appearance at noon – was a hard strategy for ensuring that you would get a seat there. It is less of a strategic decision and more about the fact that eating sparkling Spanish cuisine seems natural when the sun is at its highest point in the sky since all of its restaurants, including Dean Street’s recently refurbished original, are accepting reservations at the moment.

 Take a seat at the bar, grab a glass of Fino, and get ready to feast on tapas-style portions of Mallorcan delicacies that are, even more, delicious than they are on the island itself.

We Recommend:

Get the traditional tortilla, the Jamon croquetas, and the baby gem salad for your meal. Always. Lunch is offered every day.


Barrafina is located at 26-27 Dean Street, in the W1D 3LL area of London.

Brat: The Most Effective for Hanging Out With Friends

At Brat, a group of four is the ideal number of guests. Or there might be six. That is not to imply that you can’t eat as a brave couple; it’s just that many of Brat’s most renowned dishes have gigantic proportions (whole turbot, massive hunks of beef), so the larger your group, the more you can sample. One of the best lunch restaurants in London.

The renowned chef Tomos Parry is responsible for the restaurant’s cuisine, which is prepared over open flames, giving it the type of personality that is in line with the restaurant’s elegant, high-ceilinged dining area (originally a pub, but most recently restored from a pole-dancing club).

We Recommend: 

Order any or all of the grilled bread, the spider crab on toast, and the caramel cream for your meal. Lunch is offered every day.


Brat, 4 Redchurch Street, London E1 6JL is the address to write down.

Dinings SW3: Best for Avant-garde Sushi

It is significantly bigger than the Marylebone original, making it simpler for everyone to taste the cutting-edge izakaya and sushi dishes. Fans of the original Dinings dusted off their celebratory chopsticks when this SW3 location debuted. In addition, the main dining area, which is located above ground and in a Grade II-listed structure, makes it an excellent choice for lunch in London. 

During the day, the towering arched windows allow beams of sunlight to penetrate them like swords, which creates a mottled effect of light over all of the tables. The service, on the other hand, is as polished as the greatest silver in your grandmother’s collection.

We recommend: 

The double spider crab sushi roll and the small wagyu bun. Wednesdays through Sundays, lunch is offered.

Are you curious about the price of afternoon tea? you can get into a lot of places to have afternoon tea in London for around $20 to $25 per person.


Address: Dinings SW3, Lennox Gardens Mews, London SW3 2JH. Visit the place.

Best Lunch Restaurants for Business Meetings

Best Lunch Restaurants for Business Meetings

There was a period when we could eat indoors, but it was strictly for business purposes. We didn’t expect it, but the lunch we have at work quickly became everyone’s new go-to meal. After that, they were forced to have their meals outside, which made eating lunch an attractive option for everyone who is a businessman.

Above at Hide: Best for Haute-cuisine Aficionados

Regarding Ollie Dabbous’s Hide complex, there is no other direction to go than upward. You should politely reject the private vehicle lift, which is supposedly preferred by famous visitors, and instead, proceed via the street-level entry and up a gleaming spiral staircase that has to be one of the most magnificent in all of London.  This is one of the lunch places in London with the best view. 

The room above is sophisticated and spacious, and it has views that extend out over the treetops and foliage of Green Park. And certainly, the cuisine is also of the highest caliber; it is both exact and whimsical. You should put this on your wish list for gourmet cuisine. If you think about where to have lunch in London. 

We Recommend: 

The truly intriguing set lunch comes at a bargain price of £48. Wednesdays through Sundays, lunch is offered. There is also all about the food experience and every little detail about the detailed information about the best restaurants in London.


Above at Hide is located on the first level of 85 Piccadilly in London, United Kingdom W1J 7NB. Visit the place.

Petersham Nurseries Cafe: Best for the Beautiful Setting

The Petersham Nurseries Café is the best place to go if you’re looking for a bohemian, rustic, and quaint garden atmosphere. It is one of the traditional places to have lunch in London, and also one of the best places for lunch in London, which can also be considered one of the Best Places for dinner in London.

It’s like being outside without really being outside, yet with all the benefits! Just don’t expect the food to be prepared in a casual cafe style. This is a high-end restaurant, and the pricing reflects that lunch will set you back £55 for two dishes or £65 for three, respectively.

Although this is one of the best lunch restaurants London, It may be a little pricey, but it’s well worth it when you consider the amazing, locally sourced cuisine, the possibility of running across Richard E. Grant (he’s a regular), and the fact that you won’t have to worry about the great British weather ruining your good time.

We Recommend: 

Anything that comes with an abundance of fruit, flowers, or veggies since everything is produced right there. Lunch is offered every day except Monday.


Church Lane, off Petersham Road, Petersham Nurseries Café, Richmond TW10 7AB is where you’ll find it.

Traditional Places in London 

Now that we have covered where to have lunch casually, and for business meetings, let us explore more on the traditional side of the best lunch restaurants in London. These are the places where to have lunch if you are traditional and like rustic settings. 

The River Café

The River Café
The River Cafe

It has been more than three decades since Ruth Rogers and her friend Rose Gray started a staff cafeteria for the architectural office that was located next door to their home. But even in modern times, making a reservation at the River Café is an exciting experience in and of itself, let alone dining here. 

You may be taken aback by how straightforward (and blue) the dining room is, but the daily-changing, ingredient-focused Italian dishes are among the best places for lunch in London. The restaurant was founded on the principle of serving high-end cuisine in a casual atmosphere. If you are inside, you should call ahead and ask for a window seat while being extremely polite. If the weather is fine, you should go to the leafy garden terrace.

We Recommend 

The ever-changing spaghetti is the greatest in town, so be sure to get some of it. Lunch is offered every day.


The River Café can be found at Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, in the city of London, W6 9HA. Visit the place.

Royal China Club: Best for a Dim Sum Upgrade

The restaurant to visit if you have a yearning for dim sum at lunch in London, also known as the appropriate time of day to consume it, but you already knew that. It’s not only because the cuisine is insanely delicious; this place is also known for its calm atmosphere and polished, attentive service.

It’s the type of establishment where, if you ask for a to-go bag, the staff will give you a cloakroom ticket so that you may pick up your delicacies stealthily on the way out the door.

We Recommend

Steamed lobster dumplings, Cheung fun made with Dover sole, and ho fun made with fillet steak. Lunch is offered every day.


Royal China Club, 40-42 Baker Street, London, W1U 7AJ is the address to write down.


If you’re wondering who the familiar person is when you’re inside the restaurant that is going to be a major celebrity not to be confused with the reality TV kind. Although it has been more than 15 years since Caprice Holdings took ownership of this historic location. 

It has never failed to draw A-list celebrities, in part because of the restaurant’s fresh seafood cuisine and in part because of its prestigious location. The exceptional service is the primary draw here. At one of the best lunch places London.

We Recommend 

Shellfish cocktail, oysters, and a half lobster thermidor are the recommended dishes to order. Lunch is offered every day.


Scott’s, located at 20 Mount Street, London, W1K 2HE, is the address.

Vardo: Best for Vegans

No, properly speaking, Vardo is not a restaurant that serves vegetarian food. However, the vegetarian options at this Chelsea haunt are so flavorful that you really have to give it a go if you’re looking for a chic location to have lunch without meat. It was created by the same team as Caravan and uses a lot of the same methodology, which can be described as “raiding the global pantry,” but it produces, greater results. 

The glass in the archways goes down when the sun is out, and there are dozens of outdoor tables, all of which offer first-rate views over the catwalk that is King’s Road. It is equally lovely throughout the daylight.

We Recommend:

Have the fried cauliflower with salted coconut milk and the grilled halloumi with preserved lemon. Lunch is offered every day.


Vardo, Duke of York Square, 9 King’s Road, London SW3 4LY is the address to write down & visit the place.

Noble Rot, Soho

To be clear, drinking wine with your meal here is completely optional; nonetheless, it would be insane not to do so. Not only does this establishment have a fantastic list, but it’s also one of the few locations where you can buy tasters that are 75 milliliters in size. 

Besides being one of the Best Places for breakfast in London, This traditional place in London for lunch, the cuisine, which is bold and wonderful and was prepared by the quietly excellent chef Alex Jackson (formerly of Sardine), is the ideal complement to the cozy, wood-paneled space, which was once the location of the Soho icon The Gay Hussar. Santé!

We Recommend

The roast chicken with girolles and vin jaune from the Jura region is the dish that you should have. Monday through Saturday, lunch is offered.


2 Greek Street, Soho, London W1D 4NB Address: Noble Rot Soho

Final Verdict

Still, wondering where to have lunch in London? We hope not! The best places for lunch in London are all mentioned above, which are also the best lunch restaurants London. The ambiance, traditional ways of setting along with great business meeting lunch places London, should have you covered already to choose a place according to your preference!


  • Are the lunch places in London expensive?

The average cost of eating in London is £29 per day, however, meal costs might vary. An average supper in London should cost about £11 per person while dining out, according to the purchasing patterns of past tourists.

  • How do I find lunch places in London?

Take advice, look into the different websites and read blogs about the best lunch places in London. 

  • What’s usually on the menu of lunch places in London?

The menu for lunch places in London can have a lot of variety given the diverse culture of the city, however, you can choose whatever cuisine you might like, starting from Cantonese to vegan options.

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