26 Best Places for Dinner in London if You Are Planning Your Dinner Tonight

Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or just an awesome place to eat, we've got you covered. Check out our list of the 26 best places for dinner in London.

In the London restaurant scene, Most of our favorite restaurants have been forced into financial problems as a result of the pandemic, while many others have been forced to close their doors due to the pandemic. 

According to reports, the hotel industry’s turnover in the United Kingdom would decline by more than £200 million a day over the course of 2020, resulting in the loss of over 30,000 jobs in the sector as a consequence. Restaurants, on the other hand, have returned, and the time has come to enjoy them. We have listed all the best places for dinner in London.

Best 26 Dinner Places in London

The process of selecting dinner places in London, on the other hand, can be as time-consuming work also the process of getting a table. We decided to compile dinner in London ideas, along with good dinner places in London. Also wants to know the best places for lunch in London.

Maison François

Maison Francois, a new French cafe in St James’s, Central London – is quickly becoming the capital’s premier culinary quarter. Aside from the free-flowing cornichons, the bread is wonderful, the butter is soft and boldly salty, and there are only three varieties of very nicely cooked potatoes on the side menu. The cuisine is ostensibly typically French, with dishes like Oeufs en gelée, moules marinière, and jambon persillé, yet it’s light, delicate, and not overpowering. One of the best places for dinner in London. 

For example, the anchovy, ricotta, and thyme on grilled bread is a marvel of creaminess, pungent umami, and crunch, and not something you’d find on a Parisian street table. 

The dessert cart, a movable collection of sweets ranging from the barely calorific to the exorbitantly indulgent, continues and ends the roaming. Visit the place.



Walking into a fine dining restaurant in Mayfair might be intimidating, but Angela Hartnett, the head chef, and the owner have leaned on her Italian background to ensure that meals at her Michelin-starred flagship are warm and reflect the best of her homeland’s culinary. The set lunch – £37 for three dishes – is a bargain, but the courteous waiters are delighted to let you mix and match items from the a la carte menu depending on your mood.

Charred mackerel vs. confit duck croquettes with pear remoulade simply combine the two! Lesser-known pasta like fagottini and agnolotti are perhaps better than any specialized restaurant at the moment, and a meal topped off with their home-baked focaccia and lemon tart only serves to remind you why Hartnett is still one of the country’s best chefs. Another of the best restaurants for dinner in London. Visit the place.

Mangal 2

People in this section of town – particularly as you approach closer to Haringey and Green Lanes – are pretty vociferous about which Turkish ocakbasi they think is the greatest. Mangal 2 in Dalston is our choice. Everything that adorns their enormous charcoal grill becomes a thing of grandeur the moment you step through the door and that lovely, smokey fragrance embraces you.  One of the must-visit dinner places in London city. 

These masters of the flames offer out substantial feasts, from adana kofte to the giant plate of their mixed grill, all while operating the hospitality industry’s funniest Twitter account. Yes, it is the artist couple Gilbert and George who sits in the center of the restaurant every night for dinner.

Restaurant Story

Furthermore, in another dinner restaurant in London, Chef Tom Sellers saw the potential of a place no one else had when he founded Restaurant Story in 2013 in what was formerly a public lavatory at the wrong end of Bermondsey Street.

It received a Michelin star five months after opening, and despite the fact that it was controversially passed up for an upgrade in the following six Guides, you can sense Sellers’ ambition for more in every dish he prepares. He prepares six- or 10-course dinners with originality, flair, and whimsy, with standouts like his unique beef-dripping candle, which is lighted at the table for guests to mop up the juicy molten ‘wax’ with some of London’s greatest bread.


One of the best restaurants for dinner in London’s specialty. Chops that are seared and juicy, and have been well-aged. Cutlets are available in two sizes: ‘Skinny’ and ‘Large,’ with the option of having the meat hacked off the bone and served as a grilled lattice of smoking flesh.’ Get a party of six friends together and order everything, including two of the delectable bacon chops.

This is one of the good dinner places in London. Increase the amount of each of the house-made sauces, especially the chili-hollandaise. The all-day £5 menu features a terrific variety of punchy cocktails, while the reduced wine list contains a few decent alternatives for popular whites and a considerably bigger selection of reds.

Fancy Restaurants for Dinner in London 

London is full of fancy restaurants to ensure the time of your life. Besides the best places for breakfast in London, Dinner restaurants in London can be fancy or even fine dining to the point you have to book your meal days before. This is a curated list of the amazing dinner restaurants in London. 

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a music-themed pub that is located right near the Shard and serves some of the greatest Asian food in London. Light nibbles include kimchi olives and prawn dumplings, or you may mash up a variety of bao. Know more about foods with our food-related articles.

Scarpetta Restaurant Canary Wharf

Among dinner places in London, in Canary Wharf, at the Scarpetta Restaurant, you can get the freshest Italian cuisine. Grab a seat at this hip restaurant and fill up on hand-made pasta while sipping great drinks or perhaps a three.

Great Guns Social

Great Guns Social
Great Guns Social

For Dinner in London Ideas, this place is great. This stunning bar and restaurant, which champions the best in established and up-and-coming culinary talent, has a constantly-changing menu since it forgoes the use of a single kitchen crew in favor of kitchen stays from some of the top chefs in the nation. Also, Look at some of the best places in London for eat.

14 Hills

Visit the rooftop restaurant 14 Hills if you want your supper in London to be a particularly lovely occasion. The soaring location is adorned with splashes of color and fauna, making it the ideal setting for a night of delectable British dishes. Visit the place.


Visit the rooftop restaurant 14 Hills if you want your supper in London to be a particularly lovely occasion. The soaring location is adorned with splashes of color and fauna, making it the ideal setting for a night of delectable British dishes.

Sea Containers

Sea Containers at the Renaissance honors the Golden Age of Atlantic travel in a stunning setting created under Tom Dixon’s guidance and promises a meal influenced by the finest of American and British cuisine. With breathtaking views of the Thames, choose from a range of small plates, shared meals, and traditional comfort foods.

London Steakhouse Co. City

At this outstanding steakhouse owned by Marco Pierre White and James Ogilvie Robertson, the focus is solely on the meat, and you can expect nothing less than the best. You may savor specialty drinks, elegant settings, and succulent slabs of meat everywhere from the City to Chelsea.

Le Cigalon

Le Cigalon
Le Cigalon

At Le Cigalon, where their ingredients are seasonal, fresh, and sourced from Southern France, try a dish of traditional French cuisine. The furnishings of Cigalon, a stunning restaurant on Chancery Lane, are clean, classic, and finished with a modern aesthetic, making it one of the best places in London to enjoy supper.

Balls Brothers Austin Friars

Balls Brothers Austin Friars delivers a wonderful eating-out experience to the center of the city by serving up seasonal cuisine, prepared from scratch in the open kitchen. The daily-changing menus and amazing range of drinks, wine, and beer make it the perfect choice whether you’re throwing a casual party or simply going out to eat with friends. One of the good dinner places in London. Visit the place.

Temper Covent Garden

To have dinner in London city which will be memorable, visit this distinctive Mercer Walk restaurant in Covent Garden for some of the greatest BBQs in the neighborhood. Enjoy tender steaks, honey-sriracha-glazed wings, and their renowned cheeseburger tacos while sipping on some specialty drinks.

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms

Chiswell Street Dining Rooms is a chic, contemporary British eatery and cocktail lounge. This beautiful plot offers a variety of dishes to suit every palate, including seasonal salad, pumpkin gnocchi, grilled lemon sole, and Cumbrian rare breed steaks.

Three Cranes

Look no further than City eatery Three Cranes if you want top-notch British ingredients delivered in stylish and modern settings. The menu at this restaurant has a variety of steaks and chops cooked on the grill, along with sides of Pommes Frites and the option of bone marrow or Roquefort butter.

The Otherist

If you’re hungry and want to grab a quick bite, look no further. Here, you’ll find a tantalizing modern cuisine crafted with locally sourced, fresh, seasonal ingredients. Combine main courses with side dishes for a modern fusion of flavors.



Balthazar is a great dining establishment located in the center of theaterland and nestled away just off the Covent Garden square where you can sample some traditional French-influenced foods. This restaurant in London promises to have it all: enticing surroundings, a sizable wine selection, drinks, and exquisite food.

The Bloomsbury Club Bar

You can’t go wrong with The Bloomsbury Club Bar if you’re looking for a classy supper in the city. This adorable restaurant bar has everything. Step inside and you’ll be taken aback by the opulent decor of this site, which makes it more than simply a venue with a desirable location. And to top it all off, this establishment serves up a tantalizing cuisine of traditional British dishes together with an outstanding range of wines from all around the world.


The upscale Searcys restaurant Osteria shows that Italian cuisine is more diverse than just pizza and spaghetti. The elegant restaurant, which is located in the Barbican, offers a great selection of fish and meats, along with a delicious wine list.

Core Bar, London

With a subterranean bar where relaxed vibes are prevalent and neon lighting creates the mood, Core is a welcome break from the posh Bank restaurant scene. With a menu of traditional pub fare satisfying you just fine and a subterranean social hangout that gives a homage to “That 70s Show,” Core is unquestionably a fun location to enjoy supper in London.

Kibou London

The Japanese hot kitchen and sushi bar KIBOU is one of the greatest spots in Battersea to enjoy supper. You can get ramen, poke bowls, soft bao buns, and more there. Come in for some delectable Asian food to be enjoyed with sake and shochu, or get some to go.



Visit this chic, low-key restaurant in Soho for some delectable Spanish-Italian tapas to try as well as some interesting creative drinks to wash it all down.

Mint Leaf Lounge

Mint Leaf Lounge, located in the City near the Bank of England, offers a selection of classy Indian dishes for after-work meals. The upscale establishment employs a tandoor grill to produce smoky flavors, which, when paired with one of their potent drinks, are absolute perfection.

INCA London

INCA London is a lavish restaurant in Soho that should not be missed. The cuisine isn’t terrible, too, and the décor (think warm, ambient lighting, vibrant colors, and original artwork) are to die for. Dine-in style while enjoying everything from steak tartare to tropical ceviche.

Diciannove Italian Restaurant

Diciannove, a new exquisite Italian restaurant and cocktail lounge in the Crowne Plaza Hotel Blackfriars, offers chic accommodations. Consider Diciannove a go-to for a really delectable night out on the town, along with some genuinely fresh meals prepared by executive chef Allesandro Bay and a fantastic cocktail selection.

End Note

When it comes to dinner in London City, there are always options in London, but figuring out which restaurants are the finest is a different story. The fact that many of the top chefs in the world call the nation’s capital home and have received their training elsewhere helps and hurts since they introduce new flavors and concepts to the city and therefore foster a vibrant and ever-evolving food scene. 

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